Yappy Hour: $4.00 per time
Frosty paws treat with crunchy bones

Pool Party: $10.00 per time
Play in the heated in-ground pool for 15 min

Additional Exercise Time: $3.00 per time
15 min out in their own yard for an extra potty break

Snuggle Time: $4.00 per time
One-on-one snuggles with our counselors

Play Time: $8.00 per time
30 min one-on-one playtime with one of our counselors

Tuck in Time: $5.00 per time
Get a picture at the end of the day of your pet before bedtime

Peanut Butter Kong Treats: $2.00 each
Large Kong filled with frozen peanut butter

IQ Puzzle: $4.00 each
Stimulating treat reward puzzle that exercises their mind

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