Lee’s Summit Dog Training at Summit Pet Care

We provide a welcoming environment for dogs and their parents to learn the basics of obedience training. Our obedience program consists of 6 weeks of weekly training classes with you and your pup. We will teach a series of commands to help build self-confidence, patience and permission that will give your dog the fundamentals for a healthy and lasting relationship with you. We will introduce concepts like household manners, boundary training and on and off leash compliance.

Small group atmosphere for individual attention (Usually groups of 5-8)
Recordings of training sessions available for all participants.

Lesson 1: The Place Command
Lesson 2: Loose Leash Walking
Lesson 3: Threshold Training
Lesson 4: Sit, Down & Implied Stay
Lesson 5: Leash pressure for sit, down, and basic directional movement
Lesson 6: Review

Meet Your Qualified Trainer, Caleb!

Dog trainer, Caleb, for Summit Pet Care

Hello! May name is Caleb and I’m a father of 4 who before training dogs, worked for Trader Joe’s for 15 years. In 2017 I got into dog training when I got a challenging dog from our local shelter. I became fascinated, obsessed, and determined to train my dog so that he could live a fulfilling life and be able to go just about anywhere with me. I found a lot of folks who struggled with similar issues, and I offered training for their pups in exchange for experience. I did this for a couple years while also boarding dogs and doing in home daycare.

After working with many breeds and gaining a lot of hands-on experience, I sought further education from Leeberg’s University courses done by Michael Ellis. I’m also a huge Ivan Balabanov fan and have taken many of his online video courses and plan on attending his TWC Trainers Course soon. I’m committed to continuing education and am up to date with the most effective and trusted best practices in the industry. Essentially, I’m a student for life as there’s always more to learn.

I have recently made this my full-time position, specializing in practical obedience. I also work in behavior modification like separation anxiety, dog aggression, over excitement, potty training issues, resource guarding, and more.